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Simple Tips on Maintaining a Clean Household

Simple Tips on Maintaining a Clean Household


Every parent struggles with keeping a clean house.  Unless you can afford a cleaning service a few times a week, chances are you’re scrubbing toilets and changing bed sheets.  Dishes pile up and laundry needs to be washed.  Every meal that involves children produces crumbs and sticky tables.  Once you have a family, mess is inevitable.  Here are a few easy cleaning tips to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Battle Your Bathroom

For shower doors, try rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice a month.  The oil causes water to bead up and roll off.  Or, twice a year try Rain-X Original Glass Treatment on your shower doors.  Rain-X Glass Treatment is a car-care product made to keep rainwater off your windshield.   If you have a shower liner, wash it in your washing machine and hang up to dry.

Looking for a speedy method to clean your toilets?  Porcelain fixtures respond to the cleaning agent in denture tablets.  Drop a denture tablet in the bowl; wait about twenty minutes and flush.  That’s all it takes to make your toilet sparkle again.

A good idea for busy parents is to clean up the bathroom while the kids are washing up for bed.  While they brush their teeth quickly wipe down the shower, toilet and toss out any clutter.  When they are done in the bathroom, wipe down the sink and mirrors.

Tackle the Kitchen

Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, and you should sanitize yours every night by squeezing it out and microwaving it on high for forty to sixty seconds.  Every morning, with your sanitized sponge, wipe down the breakfast table with a cleaning solution as soon as the kids are finished eating.  Syrup, sauces and other sticky mess it much harder to clean once they harden.

Instead of using solutions with harsh chemicals for your sink, counters and table, try using a cloth or sponge soaked in undiluted white distilled vinegar.  White distilled vinegar is effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs due to its level of acidity.  It’s also affordable and better for the environment.

Is your sink starting to smell?  Clean and deodorize a drain by pouring in one cup baking soda, then one cup hot white distilled vinegar.  Let the solution sit for five minutes, then run hot water down the drain.

Tidy Up Your Bedroom

In the bedroom, the bed is half the battle.  An unmade bed is a major eye sore, and makes the room look messy.  Every morning pull the sheets up and smooth away any wrinkles or creases.  Arrange pillows neatly.  It takes only minutes to make the bed, and you should get into the habit of making the bed as soon as you’re up.

Keep nightstand free of clutter by using a small basket for essentials like moisturizer and books.  Along with this basket, only keep your alarm clock and a lamp.  A clutter free nightstand keeps a bedroom looking tidy.

Tackle toys in your bedroom by having your children return them to their rooms or playroom every evening before bed.  Kids love to drive trains down the hall or sit with their dolls in mom and dad’s bed.  This can cause a toy build up very quickly.  To make the job fun, time them to see who can do it the fastest.

The trick with keeping a tidy house is to clean a little every day.  It’s important not to let the mess get out of control.  When the house is a disaster, the thought of cleaning it is very overwhelming, and we tend to procrastinate.  Have a small supply of cleaning supplies on each floor of the house for quick clean up of spills and to wipe down bathrooms.  Set aside time for larger jobs one or two times a week.  In a few weeks, your house will be tidy and it will take you less time to keep it that way.  Less time cleaning means more time for you and your family.

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