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Safety Notice: Recall on Two (2) Kolcraft Bassinet Models

Safety Notice: Recall on Two (2) Kolcraft Bassinet Models

Tender Vibes Travel Bassinet-KB021-ARC Tender Vibes Travel Bassinet- KB022-VER
Tender Vibes Deluxe Rocking Bassinet-KB039-CMR1 Light Vibes Deluxe Rocking Bassinet- KB043-BNT1


Kolcraft Enterprises Inc. in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has voluntarily recalled two of their bassinets. The two Kolcraft models affected by the recall are the Tender Vibes and Light Vibes Bassinets. Approximately 46,000 of the bassinets are being recalled because the latches that fasten the bassinet to the frame can seem as if they are fastened in place, but in actuality are not.  As a result of the latches not being fastened, it has been shown the bassinet to topple and cause harm to infants.

Seven (7) separate incidents indicating that the latches separated from the frame of the bassinets have been reported to Kolcraft and the CPSC. In one report filed to the company the bassinet separated from the metal frame causing the bassinet to land sideways with a baby inside. The baby had suffered a bruise as a result of the fall.

Once again, the models affected by this recall are the Kolcraft Tender Vibes and Light Vibes bassinets. The model numbers of the affected Tender Vibes bassinets include: KB021-ARC, KB039-CMR1, and KB022-VER. The model number of the Light Vibes bassinet is KB043-BNT. To locate the model number on your bassinet please look on one of the legs of the bassinet. The bassinets included in this recall were manufactured from July 2008 through May 2010.

The bassinets were sold at numerous retailers and juvenile stores around the country ranging from $50-$100 in price.

Consumers are urged to halt use of the bassinets immediately to decrease the risk of injury. If you own one of the affected bassinets you are encouraged to contact Kolcraft directly by phone or via email to get a repair kit and to learn how to secure the latches to the frame.

US and Canada customers please call: 888-624-1908

Outside the US and Canada please call: 910-944-9345

Email Kolcraft at:

Order the Bassinet Repair Kit by clicking here

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