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Safety Notice: Recall on the Kolcraft Countour Stroller

Safety Notice: Recall on the Kolcraft Countour Stroller


There has been an immediate recall on approximately 36000 Kolcraft Strollers, due to a faulty hinge design, which has resulted in fingertip injuries and loss.  Injuries that have been reported have ranged from lacerations or crushed fingertips in adults to amputated fingertips in children.  The announcement was made on 6/14 from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), along with Health Canada (HC).  Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., of Chicago, Illinois has voluntarily recalled the Kolcraft Countours, which includes the three and four wheeled models.  The description of the recall reveals that the problem with the hinge-space is occurring while the handlebars are being adjusted.  There is a small gap that presents itself when the hinge locks and unlocks, for the purpose of adjusting the handlebars.  Fingertips are becoming entrapped in this small gap, leading to the named injuries.  The recall states that there are specifically 36,000 strollers within the United States and another 270 in Canada affected.

There have been 5 people total affected by the hazard in current reports.  The 5 people consisted of 3 children who suffered from amputated fingertips and 2 adults, whose injuries reported included both lacerations and crushed fingertips as the finger was trapped in the hinge gap.

The Kolcraft Countours Options are sold new for approximately $150 to $160.  They would have been purchased online through the following retailers:, and and they were manufactured in China.  These Strollers were sold in multiple color variations and they were manufactured from January 2006-November 2009.

The Model’s involved in the recall of the Kolcraft Countours (Option 3 or 4 Wheel) include model number’s Starting with:  ZL002, ZL005, ZL008, ZL015, ZL018.  You can find the stickers with model numbers and manufacture dates in two different places.  On Model ZL002 you should look for a sticker above the left wheel.  On all remaining model numbers you should be able to locate a sewn-in, information label on the rear border of the seat cushion.

If you have a Kolcraft Countour, do not use your stroller, not even with caution emphasized.  All stroller owners must immediately quit using this product.  Kolcraft Enterprises has designed a repair kit, which is available free of charge.  Call Kolcraft and have a repair kit mailed out to you.  You can call Monday thru Thursday from 8 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. ET and again on Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30pm.  In addition, feel free to go onto the Kolcraft website at this link:

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