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Backyard Games for Kids

Backyard Games for Kids


Backyard Fun with Kids

The weather is warmer and the days are longer. This time of year is great to organize some backyard fun for your family. Whether you need games to keep your kids busy on a warm summer day, or you are hosting a barbecue or birthday party, try some of these great games for kids and adults.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Everyone loves a good obstacle course. And chances are everything you need to create a fun and exciting obstacle course is right under your nose. Use hula hoops to make a zig-zag row to hop through, and set up lawn chairs to crawl under. Wind out your garden hose to jump back and forth over, and finish your course with some tennis balls that you toss into beach pails. An obstacle course is fun for individuals and groups. Use a stopwatch to time kids or make teams and have relay races. And don’t forget that a sprinkler makes obstacle courses even more exciting!

Air Tag

Tag is a favorite among kids. It’s easy to play and is a surefire way to get the giggles. To make a standard game of tag more interesting, try Air Tag. The only time you are safe in Air Tag is when your feet are off the ground!

Pick Pocket Tag

Pick Pocket Tag is another great variation of standard tag. Give each player a small piece of cloth, such as a handkerchief or cloth napkin. Each player tucks the cloth into the belt, waistband or pocket. Players try to pick as many pockets as possible without having their cloth taken. Once you lose your cloth you are out, and the player who picks the most pockets wins.


Pegball is a combination of Wiffle Ball and Dodge Ball. The minimum is two players, making this game great for any size family. Make bases using shoes, cones or anything else you have available. You need a soft ball or wiffle ball and a plastic or foam bat. Play is the same as wiffle ball, with a pitcher and fielders (if more than two are playing) and a team at bat. Two outs are all that is needed to retire a side, and along with catching fly balls and beating the player to the base with the ball (catch or rundown), a player can also be pegged while running.

Name it Ball

This game is excellent for kids of all ages. Grab a bouncy ball, such as a basketball.  Make a circle, and have kids take turns calling out a category (such as “Cartoons!”). The player holding the ball then bounces the ball to another child or adult in the circle, and as they catch the ball they need to yell a cartoon. Only one cartoon can be named per game. Play continues until a player can’t name a cartoon, and then they are out. The game continues until there is only one player left, making them the winner.

Make backyard games even more fun by setting out snacks and drinks for when kids are finished playing. Make cookies or plan to make ice cream sundaes. If you have a baby or small toddler, keep them in the action by using your baby stroller. Set them in the stroller and let them watch all the excitement. The key to backyard fun is the together time and fresh air, and a stroller is a great way to keep babies close.

Before starting games, make sure every player knows the rules. Keep tears away by keeping the atmosphere light, and play more than one game to give kids a chance to win. Don’t forget bug spray and sunscreen, and have fun!

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