Points To Consider When Sending Your Child To A Summer Camp

Children at CampGoing to summer camp can be a wonderful experience for a child. Not only does it give children the opportunity to make new friends it also helps them to stay physically active during the summertime. The following looks at some things for parents to consider when sending their children to a summer camp.

The Staff
It’s important to find out the staff member to camper ratio. In short, parents want to make sure that there are plenty of staff members to adequately supervise all of the kids attending the camp. Parents need to know that they are paying for a fun, safe camping experience for their child.

How To Decorate A Nursery

The Essentials

There are certain handy essentials an infant – and you! – need in a nursery. In some ways it is much the same as your bedroom; lights, a place to sleep and a place to store clothes. Of course, these need to be carefully selected.

How to Decorate a NurseryFirst off, bed. This can be a Moses basket, a cot, a bassinet; pick the right one for your baby’s age and developmental stage. Choose bedding that is lightweight and preferably organic; as babies are wont to gum surrounding fabrics before they can chew. A normal chest of drawers is helpful, but plastic chests can also work well; they come in bright colors and can be re-used for other things when baby gets bigger. Curtains are very important; baby will be going to sleep early, and napping during the day, so the fabric needs to block out the light effectively. Choose a blackout fabric lining, with a pretty outer style in contrast, to help baby sleep throughout their nap. In terms of artificial light, choose a soft bulb for the main light and attach a shade. A lamp can also be a handy backup.

How To Help Shy Children Socialise And Gain Confidence

How To Help Shy Children Socialise And Gain ConfidenceIt can be painful to watch your child experience loneliness. Shyness can be the cause of bullying and self-esteem issues, but there are various methods that you can use to bring you child out of the shy shell and encourage friendships.

Shy children have little confidence in taking social risks and prefer to remain alone pretending that nothing is wrong. Shy children stand out. They observe situations and can be more aware than most children, but when it comes to making friends, this scene is terrifying and makes the child seize up inside. When social rejection eventually sets in, the child is already wounded, especially in the areas of self-confidence and group activity.

Research has shown that children can be encouraged to open up in-group situations by applying understanding, skills and love to the child. Anxiety can affect everyone, but children are most susceptible and can be helped though the use of coping skills. If you want to help your child grow in confidence and social situations, try one or more of these proven methods.

A New Mom’s Guide To Shopping Online

Online shopping is one of the best ways to find good deals on the things you need most. As a new mom, you probably won’t have time to do much shopping at an actual store, just because you have to stay home with the baby. That’s where the internet comes into play. Before buying everything you click on though, you need to understand how to shop effectively on the web. A New Mom’s Guide To Shopping OnlineHere are some tips to help you out.

Check for Coupon Codes

Most online retailers will have a place in their checkout area to enter a coupon code, also known as a promo code or e-coupon. This is just a set of numbers that reflect a discount you can get, like $10 or 15% off. Before you pay full blown retail for something, run a search for coupon codes related to it. These could be based on the product itself or on the site you’re on. If you enter a code that lowers your total, you will be in good shape. Then you’ll have even more money to spend on your baby.

Top Tips To Make Sure Your Child Stays Active

In this age of computer games, X-Box, iPads and all things technical, how on earth can we encourage the little rascals to abandon shooting zombies to get a breath of fresh air and, incidentally, get a little bit fitter; after all, the couch potato should Top Tips To Make Sure Your Child Stays Activebe the father, not the son (or daughter).


It is all well and good to simply say, “encourage them to go out”.  But what interest has a tree, or a field or some bare tarmac to someone who is developing strategies to shoot the bad guys.  Well, you have to make it interesting and encourage the imagination.  Although the world is actually safer than it was twenty years ago, there are worries about letting children out on their own, traffic is much worse and there are fewer public parks, people also seem to be very worried about their children getting dirty, even though that is part of the fun.  So what can you do?